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Easy steps to apply lipstick on really chapped lips

Chapped lips are the extreme case of dryness and this kind of lips not only looks unattractive, unflattering one, but it will also be painful one sometimes as people tend to peel of the chapped lips skin. This results in exposure of the sensitive under the skin and in sometime the bleeding starts to happen in the place of the peeled lips. When your lips reaches this stage then mere drinking enough water will not help you where now you have to adopt some other preventive measures.

Steps to apply lipstick on really chapped lips

There are number of ways to get rid of the chapped lips, where the general thing which you need to avoid getting dry and chapped lips to drink more water to keep your hydrate where dehydration of water content in your body leads to severe issues in your body. If you are facing the chapped lips problem then you must know the steps to apply lipstick on really chapped lips so that you can get rid from the chapped lips issue and also make your lips to look attractive and beautiful one. The two main steps are involved in applying lipstick on chapped lips and they are,

chapped lips

  • Prepare the lips
  • The first step is applying the lipstick in preparation of the base. Take a corner of the towel and wet it with the lukewarm water. Now rub your lips with the towel to remove all dead skin and reveal smooth and soft under-skin
  • Now apply the top branded and best lip balm that suits to your skin type generously on your lip and leave it there for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes take a tissue paper and remove all the excess lip balms present in your lip area by patting it over your lips.
  • Apply the stick

  • Taking a lip liner having the shade that suits too your lip tone and give an outline of your lips with the help of lip liner
  • If you are using the liquid lipstick then just apply the lipstick on your lips, make sure you putting on lipstick on chapped lips not beyond the outline which you have made using the lip liner.
  • Now you can apply the second coat of the lip stick

The above two steps will ensure that your lipstick stays for longer period of time and ensure that you will be getting the true pigment o the lipstick color. This will also make you lips to look attractive and beautiful by hiding the chapped lip skin.