applied your makeup

Simple steps to stop foundation from slipping off

Most of the people appear like a pooped at the end of a day with foundation sliding off the faces, particularly if they have oily skin. Actually, there are few simple steps to stop foundation from slipping off that you can take to keep yourself looking matte and fresh until the little hours by using products you already have. Here are steps to be followed:

  • Begin with moisturized and clean skin
  • Give a sprit to your face with the makeup setting spray. Once it is dried, you can smooth a light layer of primer done a setting spray.
  • Endure reverse engineering your appearance by crushing only your T-zone
  • Next, liquid foundation goes on and ideally buffed in with the damp beauty blender or a foundation brush
  • You can apply the under-eye concealer by using teardrop end of the beauty blender. Also, you can utilize a concealer on any blemishes or spots
  • Then, give another last coat of setting spray to your face
  • Once you have got your stay put base in a place, you can just do it on your eyes, lipstick and blush and also your skin will be shine free over the night long

Best ways to preventing foundation from slipping off

Normally, people put more efforts in doing the makeup for a big day of facing the world. Due to different skin types and lifestyles, there is no single tip to stop this. There are several things you can do to support. The following are best ways to preventing foundation from slipping off that include:

  • Cleanse your face while doing makeup

If your skin is on oilier side, then it is impractical for your makeup to stick. Before doing makeup, you should cleanse and moisturize your skin properly.

  • Before applying your base, use a primer

Primers are specially made to help make the right canvas for your skin and also provide the great chance of survival to your foundation.


  • Enhance your eyes with concealer

If you use the concealer, then you need to set it with transparent powder or your neutral shade of eye shadow.


Depend on weather, your activities, your hormones and how you have applied your makeup on that day, you can stick on to the foundation and stop sliding off. With the best practice and experimentation, you will begin to get to know your skin as well as your products better and also you can know the ways for stopping foundation from sliding off, especially if you want to stay fresh ever!