What are the disadvantages of a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgery in which a dermatological or plastic surgeon transplants or moves hair of the head’s bald area. Hair transplant occurs in two types, slit grafts in which per graft contains 4 to 10 hairs, and micro-grafts in which per graft contains 1 to 2 hairs depending on the number of hairs needed. Even though it improves your self-confidence and appearance, there are many disadvantages of hair transplant includes

  • Bleeding
  • The area has a crust where the hair is removed and lack of sensation
  • Infection, itching, and folliculitis
  • Brushing around the eyes
  • Infection
  • Swelling of the scalp
  • Hair looks unnatural

Also, there are some other cons of hair transplant which includes loss of transplanted hair after the surgery which is called shock loss. Surgery causes bumps on your scalp and even has the chance of having wide scars that increase in the future.

Problems you face after hair transplant

Most of the people complaints that they face lots of problems after the hair transplant surgery like scalp become sore and you have taken many medications such as pain medication, to keep the swelling down you have to take anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics to reduce the infection rate. Many people cannot return to their work even after several days of hair transplant surgery. And also, some of the transplanted hair fall out after the procedure.

hair fall


As hair transplant surgery has many side effects, you may consider some other alternatives like oral medication which can be taken by you in the form of pills. Apart from that, there is an alternative that can be applied in the form of ointment on your scalp for hair restoration. These types of methods can be taken without an official doctor’s prescription. And also you can go to other new technological innovations such as laser light therapy.