Awesome tips to contour my face

A complete point of contouring is to improve or change the shape of your face with makeup. Actually, the contouring is fully based on the shape of your face. For a perfect contour, you want a product that is three shades darker than your skin tone, which keeps inside your same connotation family. If you are super pale, you do not grab a dark brown contour and rather look for a shade, which are three steps under your normal skin colour. As for undertones, you can make use of the greyish brown and cooler shade, if your skin is cool toned and also stick with the red brown and warmer shade, if your skin is warm toned. Below are the awesome tips to contour a face that includes:

  • skin toneUse a perfect shade and texture
  • Do not contour everything
  • Layer your product
  • Avoid using products with shimmer
  • Balance it everything out with blush and highlighter
  • Complement your contour with eye makeup

What is contouring makeup?

Basically, contouring is a technique for sculpting and adding dimension to your face by simply using makeup, which is lighter or darker than your normal skin tone. Unlike daily concealer and foundation, you need to match your skin perfectly. Even though, contouring is fully about making the great effects of light and shadow.

What do you actually want to contour?

If you wish to contour, you do not require any special contour kit to accomplish this. To contour a face, you can simply utilize the dual shades of foundation or concealer, highlighter, bronzer or even brow powder or eye shadow. Whatever the makeup products, you can ensure that you are using similar texture and also you have perfect contouring makeup brushes on the hand.


The contouring must also improve the shape of your natural face and will be unique for everyone based on your face shape and bone structure. For contouring, you should always begin with skincare. One of the well-known ways to contour is just taking your darker shade and utilizes it to make a shadow beneath your cheek bones.


Therefore, if you wish to contour a face, you can simply go on the rest of your eye and lip makeup. You can either pick a bright lipstick or heavy eye makeup, but do not opt for both. If you are planning to go for the bold and bright lip colour, just go simple on the eyes by sticking with a prime eye makeup.